Don’t Let Plagiarism Sneak into Your Writing


Why Run a Plagiarism Check?

Not all plagiarism is intentional. You may unconsciously repeat the material you rely on in writing without realizing it. Or, specific sentences and turns of phrases can be flagged as plagiarism because they’re simply used frequently online.

Our plagiarism checker can help you catch unintentional plagiarism in your works or pinpoint intentional copying in works submitted to you. This allows you to prevent a variety of negative consequences of plagiarized works:

If You’re a Student

Whether you’re writing an essay, research paper, or term paper, your writing has to be plagiarism-free. Your instructor will either run a check on the work themselves or require you to do it before submission.

Running a plagiarism check beforehand will allow you to identify passages flagged as plagiarism. Then, you can bring up your work’s uniqueness by properly citing sources or rewriting highlighted sentences. As a result, submitting your paper doesn’t have to mean worrying about having it returned due to a high level of plagiarism.

If You’re an Educator

Plagiarism going unnoticed discourages independent thinking. That’s why you probably require your students to submit original papers only. To ensure they comply with your requirements while grading assignments, you’ll need a reliable tool like ours.

Besides detecting the general plagiarism rate, our tool’s comprehensive report will help your students understand where plagiarism was detected and how to fix it.

If You’re a Content Writer

Blog posts and landing pages with a high degree of plagiarism will be downgraded in the search engine results, bringing down the content’s organic discoverability. That’s why it’s essential to verify your content is deemed at least 85-90% unique.

On top of that, content writers working closely with SEO teams are typically required to provide proof their content is original. In this case, our tool can provide you with such a proof.

How to Check Your Work for Plagiarism

Our plagiarism checker online detects multiple types of plagiarism: self-plagiarism, patchwork/mosaic plagiarism, and accidental plagiarism. It doesn’t only identify word-for-word copy-pasting but also runs a deep check on millions of sources to detect paraphrased or rearranged content.

Add Text to Be Checked

Our tool allows you to type in or paste the content you want to be checked into the field, as long as it is within the word count limit. You can also import a document with your content in any of the supported formats. You can access our tool on the web from desktop and mobile devices.

Let Our Tool Do Its Magic

Once you click the Check button, our plagiarism checker will start comparing your content against millions of sources, both available online and included in academic databases.

Using both quick search and deep search capabilities, it’ll analyze the text for plagiarism with the help of contextual analysis, fuzzy matching, and conditional scoring. It’ll take our tool a couple of minutes to return the results.

View the Report

Once our tool is done, you’ll see the originality score for your content. Our tool highlights the plagiarized content so that you can have an idea of which sentences set off the alarm and whether those were exact or near-exact matches. You can also view the original source materials for the plagiarized content in the report and visit those by clicking the link.

Refine Your Content & Try Again

If the plagiarism rate was well above the threshold in your case, you can use our tool’s comprehensive report to cite sources and rewrite accidentally plagiarized passages. Once you’re done refining your work, our tool is here to check it for uniqueness once again. We advise you to keep the plagiarism rate below 10% for your content to be deemed original.

Will Your Tool Store My Work in a Database?

No. Our plagiarism checker doesn’t add your text to any databases or store it in any other way. All we do is compare the text against publicly available materials and academic sources. Your text will remain private. What’s more, our checker is fully encrypted according to best cybersecurity practices to ensure your data remains protected.

What You Get with Our Tool

Whether you’re here to ensure your essay is unique before submitting it, grade your students’ works, or check your blog posts before publishing, our plagiarism checker is here for you. Accurate, reliable, and comprehensive, it’ll give you a good grasp of your content’s originality and how to improve it.

Thorough Search

Our tool compares your text against millions of publicly available sources and academic database materials to catch all matches, exact or not. Its deep search capabilities and advanced natural language processing algorithms ensure you get an accurate score for your content.

Prompt Results

All it takes is a couple of minutes for our tool to determine the originality score for your work. It scans your work and compares it against millions of other sources at lightning speed. With its help, you can submit your essay or publish your blog post with peace of mind.

Multi-Format Support

There’s no need for the tedium of copying and pasting your text into our tool. You can upload your work in any of the supported formats, and our tool will take care of the rest, saving you precious time in the process.

Comprehensive Plagiarism Reports

Our tool is your trustworthy copilot beyond checking for plagiarism. Thanks to its detailed plagiarism reports, you can see exactly which sentences are deemed unoriginal and visit the sources as linked by the tool. So, improving your text’s originality is a breeze with our tool.

Security & Privacy by Default

Our plagiarism checker is protected with SSL encryption so that you can check your text for uniqueness without worrying about its contents getting intercepted. We don’t store our users’ texts in any way, and we don’t make them available online or to other users, either.

Original Writing Made Easy

With our plagiarism checker, you won’t ever have to worry about accidental plagiarism creeping into your papers, improper citations jeopardizing your GPA, or your content performing poorly in search engine results. Here are the five benefits you stand to reap with our tool.

All Citations in Place

A plagiarism check will help you catch all the uncited or improperly cited sources, helping you ensure the academic integrity of the paper. As a result, students can easily add references thanks to our source matching, while educators can easily grade papers without manually checking every citation.

No Accidental Plagiarism

With our tool, you don’t have to agonize over your use of common turns of phrases or popular terms. Our plagiarism checker will help you ensure your work is as original as it can be, highlighting matches to speed up your rewriting efforts.

Improved SERPs

Original content is ranked higher in the search results, which means your pages can reach more users who search for related queries. As a result, plagiarism-free content increases the overall website position and improves its authoritativeness, paving the way for better organic reach and discoverability.

Better Grades

As excessive plagiarism can lead to a lower grade, conducting a plagiarism check before submitting the assignment can help you ensure your works are 100% original. As a result, you don’t have to worry about bad surprises when you receive your grades.

Faster Grading

Thanks to our tool’s prompt search and comprehensive reporting, educators don’t have to rely on their memory or manually check all references to assess paper originality. All it takes is a couple of clicks to receive the originality score that can then inform the grade.

Ensure Your Text Is Plagiarism-Free with a Thorough Check

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